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The rest of our logos

Here are the logos we created for the rest of our clients.

At the bottom is the logo of the dance group Black Angels.

On the left is the very first logo we made for a Luxembourg trader, KD Invest.

On the right, is a logo made for the physiotherapy practice Kinéquilibre. At the top is one of the last we did, a logo makeover for a local tattoo artist, Keller Tattoo.

Fichier 29.png
Business cards

Here are the rest of the business cards we created. On the left you have the one for a local musician / singer and on the right you have the cards for a dental practice in Esch / Alzette.

Fichier 32.png
Fichier 30.png

Here are 2 various creations that we made for clients. On the left you have a flag for an inline player group and on the right you have a representation of a dog breed family for a breeder.

Fichier 33.png
Fichier 34.png
Gift certificate and Facebook banner

Having already made the logo for tattoo artist Keller Tattoo, he also asked us to create gift certificates as well as a new banner for his Facebook page.

Fichier 35.png
Fichier 36.png

Shortly after our first project, we got in touch with another local bakery, who wanted to have calendars to offer to customers.

Here is the result.

Fichier 37.png
Fichier 40.png
Bodega Edition

Recently, a publishing house called on our services because they needed a logo for their business.

Wilson Pires - Herbalife Distributor

The distributor below wanted to promote this company on their car because they also distribute their products. We prepared this sticker for him with a QR code that redirects interested people to his Facebook page.

Fichier 41.png
Sigo Immobilière

The Sigo real estate agency made the right choice to come to us in order to create a multitude of things.

After a meeting with them, we determined that they needed stickers, a sugar bag design as well as blank placemats to distribute to different restaurants.

Fichier 42.png
Fichier 43.png
Fichier 44.png
Fichier 45.png
Fichier 46.png
Impressions 3D

Voici quelques-unes de nos créations imprimés en résine 3D. Nous créons chaque modèle et nous avons un large choix de produits différents, que ce soit des produits utilitaires comme le presse-dentifrice ou un stand avec le logo d'une société.

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