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How did it start?

The current owners of the bakery bought it at the end of 2019 in order to make their dream come true.

Thanks to a common knowledge, we were put in contact with them and we therefore supported them in their new project. They needed to completely refresh their marketing image.

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Our work

We have created a brand new logo for them, as well as a variety of products like pens, aprons, business cards and even small stickers including 1 with a QR code redirecting to their site and 1 with the logo.

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

Below you see a photo of the products on the day they arrived.

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The stickers

The biggest project was the window and countertop stickers. Thanks to a lettering company, we were able to highlight the bakery both from the outside and from the inside. The whole consists of 6 exterior stickers, 4 of which are sandblasted and 2 with a design on them. Inside there are 4 stickers on the bakery counters.

Everything was done by the company Lettrage Grillo. We did the graphic part of the stickers and they took care of the printing and installation.

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Digital image of the company (Website & Social networks)

One of the wishes of the new owners was to improve its digital image in order to bring more customers to the bakery. This is how we decided to create a website where daily menus would be posted regularly as well as photos and contact details of the bakery.

We took care of the creation of the Facebook page and we also manage it. We regularly post pictures of cakes or bread to make people mouth water.

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Menu and placemats

In order to embellish the tables of the bakery, we have designed these menus as well as its placemats. The menu is made up of 6 different components, ranging from drinks to food.

It has been printed in laminated plastic with cutouts at the folds for ease of presentation. As for the placemat, it was printed in fairly thin paper with the aim of a unique use for each meal.

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