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How did it start?

Our second biggest project started when the owner wanted to make her dream come true and open her own beauty salon / nail salon. She therefore called on our services.

We began our collaboration with a series of meetings and brainstorming sessions that served to determine his exact needs. It is thanks to this sharing of ideas and opinions that we were able to carry out this project together.

Our work

Since this was a brand new business, they needed a logo, a business approach, social media, administrative material and finally window stickers.

The client teaches her art in the form of a weekly training so we made her a flyer to promote it.


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Fichier 21.png
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The stickers

For those exterior-only stickers this time around, we again worked with lettering company Grillo. We took care of the graphics and they took care of the printing as well as the installation.

There were 2 main stickers with the logo on it as well as a blurred background, a smaller version on the door, as well as 3 different lettering in gold color.

Fichier 23.png
Fichier 25.png
Fichier 24.png
Digital image of the company (Website & Social networks)

Who says new business, also says social networks. In the world where we currently live, we are confronted every day with social networks and it is one of the main contact platforms for some companies.

So we created a Facebook page for him as well as an Instagram page.

In order to facilitate the making of appointments for her sessions, the client also decided that she wanted a website to show her work to clients and so that they can make an appointment independently, without having to call or write to him.

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