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The dream of a lifetime

Here is our most colorful and artistic project. This is the portfolio of the artist-painter Pinhal Sylvie, from Pinhal Paintings. Painter for a good ten years, she has never had the opportunity to exhibit her paintings in a studio or a gallery.

Until the day he was offered his chance and it was a huge success.

Our work

The logo had to be creative, to give an explosion of color. As for the portfolio, it had to be quite sober in terms of colors, but rich in content. Business cards are
brilliant and have all the necessary information.

Plan de travail 45.png
Digital image of the company (Website & Social networks)

One of the wishes of the new owners was to improve its digital image in order to bring more customers to the bakery. This is how we decided to create a website where daily menus would be posted regularly as well as photos and contact details of the bakery.

We took care of the creation of the Facebook page and we also manage it. We regularly post pictures of cakes or bread to make people mouth water.

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